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Can I submit music to Beatport for distribution?

Yes, you can submit a request to have electronic/dance music delivered to Beatport. Only music that fits into the electronic/dance music genres and sub-genres will be accepted by Beatport.

When submitting a request for release in Venice to be distributed to Beatport, include the following release details:

  • Artist name

  • Release (album/track) title

  • Primary genre (electronic or dance only will be accepted)

  • Label name (Beatport requires a new label be created for your submission. If you have an existing label profile on Beatport, enter the direct URL to your Beatport label in the field provided to transfer supply chain deliver to Venice. You may receive a request for approval from Beatport to approve a supply chain transfer to allow Venice to deliver release to your label)

  • Desired release date (release date can not be guaranteed due to Beatport’s review process where Venice does not have direct control, but we will try to meet the desired release date)

Label supply chain transfers may take 1-2 weeks to complete before the release can be mapped to the label and go live on the platform.

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