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Can I submit my release to YouTube Content ID?

YouTube Content ID monetization is available for approved content only and is available at no additional charge or fee to you (you receive 100% of UGC revenue collected).

If your release contains any of the following, do not submit to YouTube Music or YouTube Content ID. Failure to adhere to these guidelines and YouTube Content ID guidelines may impact your Venice membership status, including account suspension or termination:

  • Content licensed non-exclusively from a third party (i.e. content with leased production or instrumentals such as BeatStars or Epidemic Sound)

  • Content released under Creative Commons or similar free of charge/open licenses

  • Public domain recordings or compositions

  • Clips from other sources used under fair use principles

  • Karaoke recordings

  • Remasters

  • Sound-alike recordings

  • Sound effects, soundbeds, or production loops

  • Compilations

  • Continuous DJ mixes

  • Mashups

  • Countdown lists

  • "Royalty free" production music libraries (i.e. Splice)

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