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Co-Manager FAQs

Q: What types of information can Co-Manager provide me?

A: Co-Manager is trained to advise you on how to approach your music career. From details on how to build a compelling artist biography or editorial pitch, Co-Manager uses industry data to help guide you on best practices.

Q: Can Co-Manager help me grow my streams?

A: Yes, but only if you put in the work! Co-Manager is meant to handle functions a real manager would be expected to do, such as advising on how to maximize the reach of your music. It is up to you and your team to put in the work and execute the strategies Co-Manager suggests for your release to achieve the desired outcome. Co-Manager is not meant built to generate any artificial streams or views or implement any strategies that would risk your release from running into issues with music platforms

Q: Can Co-Manager provide me with other artist’s release or track data?

A: No, Co-Manager may only provide artist and track information from releases and artists associated with your Venice catalog.

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