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Get Instant Access to Spotify for Artists

Easily get verified on Spotify through Venice with Spotify for Artists Instant Access! Spotify for Artists is designed to help verified artists and their teams get the most out of Spotify. With Venice, you can get Instant Access to the Spotify for Artists platform features and also receive the blue verification check mark next to the artist profile with ease.

To get verified instantly on Spotify:

  1. Sign into Venice

  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’ in the upper right corner of the page

  3. Click "Special Access"

  4. Choose the desired artist name from the drop down and then select “Get Access”

Once you have gained access to Spotify for Artists, you will have:

  • A blue verified checkmark

  • Access to add and update your profile picture, bio, and social

  • Catalog performance statistics

  • And more!


  • Submit your release well in advance (at least 72 hours before your release goes live) so that you may utilize the Instant Access feature (it can take several days for Spotify to recognize a new artist profile and make it available to claim using Instant Access) and verify your profile before your release is live.

  • Ensure the artist is primary on both the release and track levels of the release so that the artist name will appear in the ‘Special Access’ drop down menu.

  • If your artist profile name is not displayed in the Instant Access search, check again in a few days as it may still be processing a Spotify. Otherwise, submit a support request ticket for further assistance.

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