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I want to migrate a release from my current distributor to Venice

So you want to do a catalog migration?... We’re here to help :)

***First & foremost DO NOT issue a takedown from your current distributor until you have completed the following:

  • Re-delivered the release through Venice (re-delivery steps below)

  • Visibility confirm the new version of the release is live on platforms

  • Received confirmation from the Venice Content Operations team that all release track merges/syncs are complete

Failure to wait until the appropriate time to takedown your release from your current distributor may result in loss of view counts or playlist placement which Venice or music platforms can not restore, so it’s essential that you wait for confirmation from the Venice Platform Operations team to issue a takedown. 

Re-deliver your Release through Venice

  • Step 1: Gather the album cover art, audio file(s), UPC, ISRC(s) and relevant metadata from your previous distributor. This information is usually available in the distributor portal. If this information is not available, reach out to your current distributor’s support team to request assistance to gather the necessary information.

  • Step 2: Ingest the release in Venice

    • Be sure to check the “Re-release” box in Venice on the ‘Release Details’ page of the release and select the date that the release was originally released. This ensures the release will be properly sequenced in your discography and not a new release.

    • Ingesting with the same ISRC/UPC codes & audio is the most important aspect to ensuring a seamless transfer & retaining view counts/playlist placement

    • Ingest each release with the same side artists that it exists on the live release (i.e. if the song features “Artist B”, then be sure to add “Artist B” as a featuring artist)

    • Choose a ‘Release date’ at least 1 week from the date you are submitting for distribution. (ex: if you are ingesting a release on October 10th, 2022, select October 17th, 2022 as the re-release date) 

      • Choosing a 7 day lead time allows for DSP’s like Apple & Spotify to have enough time for syncing & merging of the new re-release products with the existing products that are currently live. This ensures no duplicate releases appear & that all views/playlists are synced.

  • Step 3: Submit a support request with the Venice Platform Support team to let them know that you’ve ingested catalog releases & await further instruction regarding takedown from your old distributor. Include the name of the artist name and album names so the support team can best locate and take action on your request.

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