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I’m on a release, but haven’t been paid. Help!

Royalties are processed once a month, on or around the 15th of the month by the end of the business day Pacific Standard Time. Statement generation and royalty payment require the following items to be met in Venice:

  • Successfully connected a Stripe bank account to your Venice account

  • Entered track splits on all releases using the Enter Splits feature (if you are a Payee, reach out to Venice account owner who has submitted the release to ensure your split has been entered)

Please ensure these requirements are met in advance so that Venice may auto-generate monthly statements and process payments to the connected bank account. Otherwise royalty statements will be generated and paid on the following payment processing date.

If these requirements have been met and you have not received a royalty statement or payment, revenue received from music platforms have likely not surpassed the $50 USD payment threshold in the payment period to trigger royalty distribution. Once $50USD of revenue has been received by music platforms, a statement will be generated and royalties will be distributed.

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