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Why is my release in Pre-Delivery Review?

All Venice release submissions undergo a release quality check process prior to delivery to music platforms. These checks are put in place to ensure releases meet both music platform technical specifications as well as distribution guidelines. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few business days depending on the submission to be reviewed, approved, and delivered to music platforms.

It is typical for release submissions that request new artist platform IDs to take a few additional days to processing before being delivered to music platforms.

If your release includes copyrighted sound recordings or samples, including any pitch or time augmented sound recordings (sped up, slowed), it is highly likely that release submission may be held in Pre-Delivery Review until you submit clearance documentation and licensing agreements that enforces your rights to use and distribute releasing using the identified copyrighted sound recordings. Please submit any clearance documentation and licensing agreements to Venice Support and Venice Legal to expedite the review and approval of your release submission.

Note: Repeated and rapid selection of the “Submit for Distribution” button will not expedite the review timeline of your submission, and in fact will place your submission at the end of the queue for review.

Once approved, the status of your release will update to 'Delivered' status.

Once delivered, it can take up to 2 business days stores for the release to be processed by music platforms and go live. Releases set to go live immediately will likely go live on major platforms after 48 hours of delivery.

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