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My release is not mapped to my Apple Music profile, or someone else's release is mapped to my Apple Music profile

If your release is mapped to a different artist's profile, request a change through Apple Music for Artists support page.

Albums from multiple artists can appear on the same artist page, especially if they have the same name. In these instances, the iTunes Store will either create a new page or move the album to the correct artist page. 

To correct this issue, contact Apple Music for Artist support, select Artist Page Issue as the topic, and provide the following information:

  • Are you approved for Apple Music for Artists? (Yes/No): 

  • Artist name: 

  • Links to all albums by the artist: 

  • Link to the correct artist page:

To obtain links to artist pages or albums in Apple Music, click the ellipsis, click Share Album or Share Artist, then click Copy Link.

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