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Spotify Discovery Mode FAQ

Can I opt in a track that does not appear on the eligible tracks list? 

No, eligible tracks are automatically identified by the Spotify platform. Eligible tracks are assessed based on the Spotify criteria over a rolling 28-day period. Tracks that do not appear on the list can not be manually requested to be included.

Can I change a campaign track selection after the cut-off date?

No, once the campaigns selection cut-off date has passed selections can not be changed. The Venice team works with Spotify to finalize and authorize the campaign in the remaining days leading up to the beginning of the month when the new campaign begins 

Can I change a campaign track selection once a campaign is active?

No, once campaigns are authorized and active they may not be changed.

Where may I see my Discovery Mode campaign data?

Spotify will generate and provide periodic updates to performance data through the campaign. As Venice receives reporting it will be made available in the History tab on the Spotify Discovery Mode section of the Marketing page

May I opt-in eligible tracks directly in Spotify for Artists the way I used to be able to?

No, Discovery Mode campaigns must be submitted through the Venice platform

Is my track / album eligible for Discovery Mode?

If you track meets the Spotify Discovery Mode contexts criteria at the time the latest track eligibility scan is run by Spotify it will be automatically be eligible for selection in the Venice platform

When may I begin making selections for next month’s Discovery Mode?

Spotify typically performs a new scan of eligible tracks on the 10th or the 11th of the month, so are goal is to make all eligible tracks available to you by the 11th

Can I automatically opt-in all eligible tracks each month?

No, however you are welcome to manually opt-in all tracks each month if you wish. Automatic opt-in all tracks is not a recommended strategy. Marketing campaign elections should be routinely reviewed and adjusted based on campaign performance to ensure you are optimizing your growth goals.

What happens if I miss the campaign selection cut-off period?

Your previously eligible tracks will be opted-in the the following month’s Discovery Mode campaign

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