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What are your rights and monetization policies on Soundcloud delivery?

Audio will be delivered to the Premium SoundCloud tier with both AdSupported and Subscription rights. The audio will be available on SoundCloud Premium in territories where it is available in most major territories. Currently, these territories include: AS, AU, CA, DE, FR, GB, GG, GP, GU, IE, IM, JE, MP, MQ, NL, NO, NZ, PR, RE, US, VI, BE, PT, IT, CH, ES, AT, SE, FI, DK. For territories in which SoundCloud Premium is not available, the audio will be clipped to 30 seconds and appear on the Ad Supported tier.

If would like to see a track available in other territories not in the list, we would suggest the artist manually upload the track to Soundcloud and exclude the delivery option in Venice. This will enable that track to be playable worldwide, and we can manually monetize the content.

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