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What is a YouTube Shorts Preview?

What is a YouTube Shorts Preview?

A YouTube Shorts Preview is an Art Track video that can be made available on the YouTube Shorts Music Library, starting on the preview day set in the Venice platform leading up to the release date of the full track. The accompanying full length Art Track video will not be released until the date and time you specify on the Release Date section in Venice.

How do I create a YouTube Shorts Preview?

Simply access Venice and create a release, or access an existing release that is already approved and delivered to music platforms and opt in to delivery to YouTube Shorts on the Tracklist page. (Note: The full album release must YouTube Content ID guidelines and be delivered to both YouTube Music and YouTube Content ID).

What happens when the preview window period is over and it is release day?

Once your album/track is live, the YouTube Short Preview will automatically lead to the full track on YouTube.

What is the max track duration of a YouTube Shorts preview?

Maximum length of a Short is 60 seconds.

How do I locate and use the YouTube Shorts Preview?

The YT Shorts Preview will be available in the YouTube Shorts Library by using the Search feature. The YouTube Short Preview will not appear on your YouTube artist channel our YouTube Music artist profile.

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