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Referral Program

Share Venice Music with your friends and receive cash payments to help support your goals, whether it's funding your next project, acquiring essential equipment, or planning that dream tour.

How does the referral program work?

Each Venice member will have access to a personalized Venice referral code which you may share with fellow creatives or entrepreneurs who may find value in joining the Venice community! By using your referral code, your network is granted a one time network discount of 25% off of the original subscription price.

Who can participate in the Venice referral program? How do I get a referral link?

All active Venice members may participate in the referral program!

How much will I get paid per referral?

For each new Venice subscription purchased using your Venice referral link, you will receive a cash payment equal to 15% of the discounted purchase price.

When can I expect payment for my referral?

Referral program pay out will be made once a quarter. There are no minimum threshold to referral program pay out or additional or hidden payment processing fees.

What happens when a referral's subscription expires?

The normal subscription fee for that membership tier will go in to effect on the subscription renewal date

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