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I have received a copyright infringement claim on a release distributed through Venice. What do I do?

Venice Music takes all legal claims of infringement very seriously and requires all Venice members to adhere to Venice Terms of Service and Venice Distribution Guidelines. If you receive a claim about alleged copyright infringement on a release you have distributed through the Venice platform, it is important that you attempt to address this claim immediately with the Venice Support team.

All content distributed through the Venice platform must be 100% owned by the content provider and any clearances or approvals for use of copyrighted sound recordings are acquired prior to submitting content through the Venice platform.

If you believe you have unintentionally infringed upon the intellectual property rights of another party, request a content takedown immediately through the Venice platform. Venice members should also perform a due diligence review across the Venice Music catalog to ensure to request a takedown of any other releases that may be infringing on someone else's rights. Please keep in mind that failure to adhere to Venice Terms of Service and Distribution Guidelines may result in a strike against your Venice membership. Accumulating multiple strikes may result in account termination, full catalog removal, and withholding of royalties.

If you believe a copyright infringement claim was made in error and you would like to formally dispute the claim, be prepared to present soft copies of the appropriate legally binding rightsholder documentation and approvals stating you hold 100% rights to distribute and monetize the content submitted through your Venice Music account to the Venice Support team ( and Venice Legal team ( for review. All documentation must adhere to The ESIGN Act, which is a federal law that regulates signatures in electronic formats, otherwise it will not be an accepted form of proof. Please do not share any music session files as they will not be accepted.

Timely response is required, otherwise this account may be subject to account termination and full catalog removal.

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